Donor Funded Scholarships

Thanks to the generous support of alumni and friends of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois International awards more than $100,000 each year in study abroad scholarships and international research fellowships.

Barbara A. Yates International Research Award

The Barbara A. Yates International Research Award, established by the founding director of Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program (WGGP), supports graduate students enrolled in WGGP’s Gender Relations in International Development (GRID) Graduate Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The award is designed to support policy-oriented research on socioeconomic issues related to women and gender in developing countries. Awards may be used for study on campus or research abroad.

Barbara H. McGrath & B. Diane McGrath Go Global Scholarship

The McGrath Go Global Scholarship supports study abroad for students who are Global Studies majors or interested in improving the situation of orphans and children in foster care overseas and governmental policy relating to international adoption. The scholarship was established by Kenneth McGrath in memory of his wife, Barbara, and in honor of their daughter Diane, both graduates of Illinois. Diane’s interest in international work was sparked when her family hosted an exchange student from India. She studied abroad in Austria her junior year and since graduation has pursued an international career with ties to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Carlene & Andy Ziegler Study Abroad Scholarship

The Carlene and Andy Ziegler Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship Fund was established in 2007 to assist academically strong students with financial need in participating in the Illinois' study abroad programs. Carlene studied abroad in France as an undergraduate and hoped to make that opportunity available for others.

Charles Wert India-Illinois Scholarship

The Charles Wert India-Illinois Scholarship Fund provides financial support to Illinois students studying abroad in India and Indian students wishing to study at Illinois. The program reflects the donor’s strong interest in fostering interactions between Illinois and institutions in India.

Due & Ferber International Research Award

This fellowship was established with generous gifts from Professors Marianne Ferber and Jean Due. The award will provide financial support for women from developing countries conducting dissertation research on gender and development issues, especially research that promises to make a significant contribution to the improvement of women’s lives and gender equity in the developing world.

Earl & Janice Kellogg International Award

The Kellogg Award serves to honor Earl Kellogg, who served as Associate Provost for International Affairs, and his wife, Jan. The award is intended to increase the number of students with global competencies and in-depth understandings of other countries and cultures. Illinois students may achieve this advance in understanding by studying abroad and holding internships in the developing world, particularly in countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia that historically have been underrepresented in study abroad. The award will help prepare Illinois students to function more effectively in their careers and citizenship at the local, state, national, and global levels.

Evelyne Accad & Paul Vieille International Award

The Evelyne Accad International Research Award, offered by the Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program (WGGP), seeks graduate student candidates at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign working on issues related to women in North Africa and the Middle East. The award is designed to support research projects in a wide variety of disciplines (such as Anthropology, Sociology, Literature, Linguistics, Religion, Economics, Health, Fine Arts, Music, and Philosophy) as well as multi-disciplinary work. Awards will be given to a graduate student whose work promises to make a significant contribution to the understanding of women’s lives in the region.

Friends of IIP Study Abroad Scholarship

This scholarship is made possible by the generous donations of University of Illinois alumni and friends.

Joan Solaún Honorary Study Abroad Scholarship

Joan Solaún served as director of Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange (then called the Study Abroad Office) for 23 years. During her tenure, Joan helped transform study abroad at Illinois from a small program that served only a few hundred students a year to one of the largest programs in the country. Today, thanks to Joan’s leadership, the Urbana campus sends more than 2,000 students to study in over fifty countries. The Joan Solaún Honorary Study Abroad Scholarship honors Joan’s many contributions to study abroad at Illinois and, at the same time, helps make studying abroad more affordable for deserving Illinois students.

Kathy Riccardo Spanish Immersion Experience Award

The Kathy Riccardo Award was created in 2007 to aid students who seek to enhance their ability to serve others by embracing Hispanic culture and broadening their Spanish language skills through summer language study in Central or South America. Candidates should exemplify the compassion, energy, and dedication to assisting Spanish-speaking families and individuals as exhibited by Katherine Riccardo throughout her professional career and personal life.

Lemann Scholarship for Brazilian Studies

This scholarship was established by the Lemann Institute for Brazilian Studies with the help of a generous gift from Brazilian financier and entrepreneur Jorge Paulo Lemann. The Lemann Scholarship will be awarded each semester to Illinois undergraduates studying abroad in Brazil.

Margaret Marsden Murphy Study Abroad Award

This scholarship was established in memory of Margaret Marsden Murphy by her family. The funds support Illinois undergraduates in their study abroad experiences.

Mary E. Mohler International Study Grant

The Mary E. Mohler International Study Grant seeks to promote a global orientation among future American leaders and professionals. The grant directly assists students in broadening their educational backgrounds and encompassing an international perspective. The scholarship is funded by a generous gift from the late Mary Elizabeth Takach.

Michael Aiken Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the Illinois administration in 2001 in honor of Professor Michael Aiken’s eight years of exemplary leadership as Chancellor of the Urbana campus. During his tenure as Chancellor from 1993 to 2001, Professor Aiken challenged the campus to increase participation in study abroad. He is recognized for his unwavering commitment to enhancing undergraduate education and promoting international education on campus.

Michael & Mary Ann Vahl Study Abroad Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Michael and Mary Ann Vahl to support students studying in Scotland or other parts of the United Kingdom. Mike spent a year abroad at the University of Dundee and benefitted tremendously from that experience. Mr. and Mrs. Vahl are happy to provide current Illinois students with the opportunity to study abroad.

Nelle M. Signor Graduate Scholarship

The Nelle M. Signor Fellowships are awarded annually to outstanding Illinois doctoral students conducting dissertation research in international relations and related fields. The fellowships are funded through a generous gift from the late Nelle M. Signor.

Nordberg INSPIRE Student Scholarship

The Nordberg INSPIRE Student Scholarship was established through a generous donation from H. Gerald Nordberg, Jr. and Linda Nordberg in support of the Illinois-Sweden Program for Educational and Research Exchange (INSPIRE). The scholarship assists Illinois undergraduate students to study abroad at one of the Swedish INSPIRE institutions.

Rita & Arnold Goodman Fellowship

The Rita and Arnold Goodman Fellowship supports graduate students at Illinois who are preparing to work in the field of women, gender, and international development on such issues as literacy, reproductive rights, political participation, economic security, child welfare, and environmental protection. In selecting recipients, preference is given to students whose work promises to make significant practical contributions to the improvement of women’s lives and gender equity in the developing world.

Rund Ecuador Study Abroad Scholarship

The Rund Scholarship was established in 2001 for study abroad in Ecuador, with the goal of promoting international friendship. The Rund Family believes that study abroad is the best way to involve younger generations in making the world a friendlier place.

Suzanne & David Martin-Reay Scholarship

Suzanne and David Martin-Reay, having met as a result of Suzanne’s participation in study abroad, greatly benefited from it and strongly believe that all students having a desire should be able to participate in study abroad. They established this fund to enable Illinois students to gain an understanding of other cultures as well as critical international skills and experiences.

William H. & Olivia F. Allaway Scholarship

William H. and Olivia F. Allaway set up this scholarship to support an undergraduate student exhibiting academic merit and financial need enrolled in a study abroad program at the University of Illinois.