Intensive English Institute

Since 1967, the Intensive English Institute (IEI) has helped thousands of international students and professionals improve their English language proficiency.

The IEI provides full-time and part-time curriculum options in its Intensive English Program, as well as special group programs for international universities, businesses, educational agencies, and other university units. The IEI is a unit of Global Education and Training.

Core Services

  • Provide a challenging and supportive educational environment where international language learners can gain proficiency in English for academic, professional, or other purposes.
  • Maintain an up-to-date curriculum adapted to student needs as well as incorporating the latest developments in ESL teaching methodologies, technology, and materials development.
  • Create opportunities for students to experience campus and American culture and engage in communicative language practice.
  • Provide a professional development program for staff, faculty, and teachers-in-training (graduate Teaching Assistants), including pre-semester orientations for new teachers, regular supervision of and support for teachers, professional development workshops, access to campus teaching certificate programs for TAs, and financial support for attending professional conferences.
  • Provide a context for graduate students and faculty to conduct approved research on second language learning and teaching.
  • Work with campus units to develop programs with their international partners for English language support and/or introductions to U.S., local, and campus culture.
  • Offer structured programs that enable campus and community members to develop relationships with students from all over the world.